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Posted by on Nov 10, 2016 in Archive

Blogs To Read Pt. 2

It’s hard to pick from the amount of talented people I have met during my time as a Telecommunications Major here at UF. I see so much potential and success in the near future for many of these inspiring multimedia journalists.

Alex Puller

Alex and I have had the opportunity to work together a lot this semester. She is my Sports in 60 partner and she has made each shift enjoyable and she was a tremendous help when I was just learning the ropes. She has chosen to blog about food, and who can blame her? I’m always tired of going to the same basic franchised restaurants, so getting to read about new places to eat is always a joy. Check out one of her posts here!

Sidney St. Cyr

I had the pleasure of meeting Sidney last semester during our Investigative Reporting class. Sidney also has a passion for sports broadcasting, and has been doing Sports in 60 updates as well. When we first met, he was sctrictly focused on perfecting his radio craft, but is now comfortable in front of the camera. For those who don’t know, it really isn’t easy being in front of the camera, so I give Sidney a lot of credit. He has chosen to focus his blog posts around Miami professional sports team. Check out this game recap of the Dolphins vs. Steelers game a few weeks ago.

Britnee McCoy

I met Britnee as an intern at TV20 here in Gainesville. She was a huge help when it came to giving me advice on shooting high school football, script writing, and editing tips. Not only that, but she was just simply a joy to be around. Having a big personality is huge, especially for the industry we are in. Britnee has chosen to blog about how the natural hairstyle and broadcasting correlate. Luckily for me, I don’t have much to worry about when it comes to styling my hair, but you can see what Britnee has to say about it here.