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Posted by on Sep 29, 2016 in Archive

Review: Don’t Make Me Think

With today’s technology rapidly advancing before our eyes, having a website that is quick and easy to use, but is able to display your brand effectively is extremely important. Although it’s an important thing for everyone to have, it doesn’t mean that everyone has a website that achieves these goals. In fact, most people don’t, because they do not know what makes for a good website. I have had my own website for about a year now and I can tell you that after reading Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug, I have some work to do on my site. Krug explains how we can make our websites effective and usable, but more importantly, your website should be easy to use.

Krug highlights the term “usability” in this book. Although it seems like common sense, many people have websites that are aren’t exactly usable. The concept is as simple as making sure your pages should be clear, making sure links are accessible to click if any were used, and keeping your content simple. Having a website that is hard to use can turn people away from your site. In today’s world, it isn’t realistic to believe that every person who visits your website will read every word on every page of your website. So no matter if you are a multimedia journalist who is trying to share their stories with the world, or if its are a clothing company who wants their customers to be able to buy clothes easily on their website; Krug’s message is as making sure your website is easy to use, or “usable.”

As for the layout of your website, it should be designed like a billboard. What that means, is that your website consists of clear headings, with short paragraphs or even bulleted lists. These little details are what makes your website appealing for whomever is browsing your site.

Not only is it important for your website to make your website appealing for the average browser, but also making your websites message is clear. When someone visits your website, they should be able to know exactly what to do while they’re browsing and where to go to do so.

As a multimedia journalist, no matter if I am writing for news or sports, I know that the main goal is to grab the attention of the audience, while producing reliable content for them to see. Whether its using creative titles to catch the readers attention or having teases on your homepage to entice the reader to look throughout your site, I always want to make sure that my site is usable and that my content is accessible.

All in all, Don’t Make Me Think taught me many of the important characteristics of what makes up a good website. Not every user is the same and not everyone will agree on what makes for a good website. As a journalist, I know that not everyone will like the way I share my brand with the world, or the content I produce, but I can do the best I can to make it appealing to the average browser. The same goes with creating a website. I can only do my best to make it easy to use, accessible to anyone, while providing reliable and accurate information.